restic 0.6.0 released

We’ve just released restic 0.6.0!

No grave bugs have been found, so the final version is identical to the -rc.1 version. This release contains many bug fixes and several improvements for the user interface, the most important changes are listed below (and also contained in the

For downloading the code, head over to As always, thanks for reporting any issues you encounter!

Important Changes in 0.6.0

Consistent forget policy

The forget command was corrected to be more consistent in which snapshots are to be forgotten. It is possible that the new code removes more snapshots than before, so please review what would be deleted by using the --dry-run option.

Unified repository layout

Up to now the s3 backend used a special repository layout. We’ve decided to unify the repository layout and implemented the default layout also for the s3 backend. For creating a new repository on s3 with the default layout, use restic -o s3.layout=default init. For further commands the option is not necessary any more, restic will automatically detect the correct layout to use. A future version will switch to the default layout for new repositories.

Memory and time improvements for the s3 backend

We’ve updated the library used for accessing s3, switched to using a lower level API and added caching for some requests. This lead to a decrease in memory usage and a great speedup. In addition, we added benchmark functions for all backends, so we can track improvements over time. The Continuous Integration test service we’re using (Travis) now runs the s3 backend tests not only against a Minio server, but also against the Amazon s3 live service, so we should be notified of any regressions much sooner.