Rest Server 0.10.0 Released

We have just released rest-server 0.10.0 which includes a few potentially breaking changes. For details, please see the changes described in the release.

This release corrects a security issue. User wojas discovered that it was possible to access repositories belonging to other users. It was not possible to access directories outside of the path the repositories were stored in.

The rest-server has an option to allow users (identify by HTTP Basic authentication) to only access their own repository by specifying the --private-repos option. For example, the user foo can then only access the repository at https://localhost:8000/foo, but not the repo of the user bar at http://localhost:8000/bar.

Wojas discovered that by URL-encoding the slash character (/) to %2F, it was possible to specify a different path. The HTTP routing framework the rest-server uses then decodes the slash and passes it on to the code. This way, it was possible to specify a relative path like this: http://localhost:8000/foo%2F..%2Fbar, which allowed user foo to access the repository files of user bar. Please note that due to the way restic works, user foo was unable to decrypt any data of or add new data to the other repository unless they know a valid password.

Please let us know what you think in the forum post linked below!


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