restic 0.10.0 released

After ten months of work we’ve just released restic 0.10.0! For downloading the new release and to see a more detailed list of important changes, please head over to GitHub. If you already have restic (0.9.4 or later), you can use the self-update command to automatically download and verify the new release.

This release contains a lot of improvements, both smaller and bigger ones, and the restic project wishes to send a big thank you to everyone who contributed to make this happen. Every contribution, be it a small documentation change or deeply technical code changes and optimizations, are always welcome. An extra huge thanks goes out to MichaelEischer for tying it all together with countless hours of tireless reviewing and carefully considered decisions as part of this delicate process.

Below are some highlights of the changes in this release (in no particular order):

Please note that this is only a manual selection of the improvements in restic 0.10.0 - there are numerous other optimizations, fixes and improvements to be found in the changelog!

As always, thanks for reporting any issues you encounter! Or just write a post in the forum.