Restic 0.14.0 Released

We today happily announce the release of restic 0.14.0! \o/

This release contains a highly anticipated feature in restic - compression! To start using it, either initialize a new repository (which defaults to repository version 2 and therefore supports compression) or upgrade your current repository. The compression level can be changed from the default auto (fast and efficient) to max or off using the --compression option (or the corresponding environment variable). Please note that the new/upgraded repository can only be accessed by restic version 0.14 or higher.

Another feature that can be highly useful is the --unsafe-recover-no-free-space option to the prune command, which allows you to save the day when the repository storage has been completely saturated. Just make sure to read the corresponding documentation first!

Besides the above, here are some other notable fixes and improvements in this release:

For downloading the new release and to see a more detailed list of important changes, please head over to GitHub. If you already have restic (0.9.4 or later), you can use the self-update command to automatically download and verify the new release.

As always, thanks for reporting any issues you encounter! Or just write a post in the forum.


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